Shedrain – Umbrella Photo Contest







We are looking for some of the best portraits of ShedRain umbrellas…could be you alone or someone else using or posing with you and your umbrella or the umbrella can simply be on its own in a unique setting. The options are endless.

Click here to read more about the contest.

Towel Specialties – Free Digitizing











Free Embroidery Digitization (up to 8000 stitches) when you buy 36 or more embroidered towel and bag combination sets.

Paramount Headwear – Back To School Special

Hurry!  Expires August 29th, 2014.


Encore Etch – Web Item Of The Month


Golf Ball on Black Base

Golf Ball on black base      



Sphere:  2″ diameter / Base 4″ x 6″                                                 

2.5” H x 2.5” W Etch Area                                                                             

1              2-11       12-49     50+                                        

$64         $62         $61         $60

( 4R ) Pricing does not include setup charges.


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